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WinDelta®PMS History

May 2019 – WinDelta®PMS 9.30
With Undo-function in drawing-surface!
DXF/DWG-format 2018 can be imported!
PDF/A-format can be generated!

August 2018 – WinDelta®PMS 9.20b, Build 25.5.2018
Older versions than 9.20 don't work under Windows 10,
Build 1803
and require a WinDelta®PMS update 9.20
or newer! Last problems on some Win10-1803 computers
have been solved since 8th of August 2018 in version 9.20b!

May 2017 – WinDelta®PMS 9.10
The BIM-project-export in format IFC2x3 is possible!

January 2016 – WinDelta®PMS 8.53
PDF file format was integrated as an unrestricted alternative to
the other available graphics file formats like JPG, EMF, WMF or
WinDelta®PMS-internal formats like AZF, PZF, FSF etc..

June 2014 – WinDelta®PMS 8.50
Full-text search integrated searching the complete article lists etc.

December 2012 – WinDelta®PMS 8.30
New Service-module to manage repairing and maintenance of
existing equipment at clients.

September 2009 – WinDelta®PMS 8.00
Transparent fotos of persons in render-perspektives,
WinDelta®PMS 3D-viewer - the recipient can walk through
the 3D-plan without WinDelta®PMS, Windows fonts, massive
walls, scroll wheel for zooming and scrolling data, 'Drag-and-
Drop', viewports.

June 2006 – WinDelta®PMS 7.00
Flexible program masks, basket-function, calcuation for
Installation-costs. SWS serves more than 1.000 licences of
the catering equipment planning system WinDelta®PMS at
more than 420 companies in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria,
Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, France, Hungary, Slovenia
and other European countries.

June 2005 – WinDelta®PMS 6.55c
pricelist page for the article, document-function
integration of spare-parts

February 2004 – WinDelta®PMS 6.51
Redo function, custommade-order,
use of JPG-pictures for quotations,
individuat datasheets

January 2002 – WinDelta®PMS 6.20
E-Mail-integration, WinDelta®PMS viewer,
table for modification of installation specifications

December 2000 – WinDelta®PMS 6.0
Integration of JPG-images for the article
and accesory-lists.
SWS servers roughly 750 licences at 340 companies.

September 1998 – WinDelta®PMS 5.0
32-bit-planning program with simulation of quotation,
front-installation-planning and integrated 3D-colour-rendering.
SWS serves about 600 users at 280 companies.

April 1996 – WinDelta®PMS 4.2
Technical datasheet for each article, purchase-price calculation,
installation planning

December 1994 – WinDelta®PMS
Integrated 2D-/3D-planning-program.
SWS serves about 210 users at 170 companies.

April 1991
SWS SoftWare-Systeme GmbH is founded:
Start with an MS-DOS-based 2D-planning system for
catering equipment and additional separate 3D-module.