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›DAD‹ Info-Line (German)

The ›DAD‹-Info-Line is dispatched every 3 months togehter with the
latest ›DAD‹-DVD to all ›DAD‹-users.
The 4-pages-leaflet in format of DIN A4 informs about updates and
changes on the latest ›DAD‹-DVD-update. In the column ›DAD‹-
databases the changes in the manufacturer-databases are shown
in an overview. Moreover the ›DAD‹-Info-Line informs about news,
dates and activities at WinDelta®PMS and ›DAD‹.
The product forum inside the ›DAD‹-Info-Line informs in detail about
new manufacturer-products.
In the column TIPP/hint users get a hint to WinDelta PMS programme

›DAD‹ Info-Line III | 2020 as PDF
›DAD‹ Info-Line II | 2020 as PDF
›DAD‹ Info-Line I | 2020 as PDF
›DAD‹ Info-Line IV | 2019 as PDF
›DAD‹ Info-Line III | 2019 as PDF
›DAD‹ Info-Line II | 2019 as PDF
›DAD‹ Info-Line I | 2019 as PDF

List of the at the moment in DAD available DAD-database-groups:

›DAD‹ database-groups-list III | 2020 as PDF