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›DAD‹ History

›DAD‹-Update I | 2016
Pricelists-, prospects- & technique-pages in PDF instead of JPG.

›DAD‹-Update IV | 2009
Transparent photos of persons stimulate render perspectives.

›DAD‹-Update II | 2006
Pricelist-pages for more than 48.000 articles of 77 manufacturers/suppliers
are available in the ›DAD‹. The pricelist-pages are automatically related
to the corresponding article.

›DAD‹-Update II | 2005
Integration of pricelist-pages into the ›DAD‹,
automatically related to the article.
Integration of about 13.000 spare-parts into the ›DAD‹.
All data in integrated on one DAD-DVD.

›DAD‹-Update I | 2004
Fulltext-search for all ›DAD‹-article-data

›DAD‹-Update III | 2000
Integration of JPG-images for the article.
More than 120 manufacturers/suppliers with more than 120.000 articles.

›DAD‹-Update I | 1999
Accessory-list for improved selection of accessories for an article.

›DAD‹-Update IV | 1997
›DAD‹ with more than 100 manufacturers/suppliers with about 100.000 articles.

›DAD‹-Update II | 1996
Development of an overriding search-key for overall-product searches.

›DAD‹-Update IV | 1995
›DAD‹ with more than 50 manufacturers/suppliers witt about 75.000 articles.

›DAD‹-Update II | 1994
Distribution of the first ›DAD‹-Data-CD-ROM of Catering Equipment.
Regular quarterly data-updates.

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