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Viewer + Drivers

The free of charge SWS-Viewer enables to view WinDelta®PMS files
like perspectives, frontviews, (topview-) drawings and e.g. data-sheets etc.
by simply double-clicking in windows-explorer or mail-attachments.
The SWS-files can be printed and plotted in correct scale and colour.
Simple handling and fast zoom make the SWS-viewer ideal for giving it
to plot-partners (plot-office) or to partners, who want to view the file but
have no WinDelta®PMS.

The installation program also includes the 3D-viewer, which allows
recipients of 3D-viewer-data-files to walk through the 3D-plan without
WinDelta®PMS. Such files can be generated by WinDelta®PMS version
8.00 or higher.

SWS-Viewer 5.20

The Sentinel dongle driver has to be installed for using WinDelta®PMS
and its dongle. The driver installation program, version 7.6.8 is available
here for installation, especially when there are problems with older
versions of the driver; it is a ZIP-file including the exe-installation-file.
(The installation of the latest driver is recommended to avoid problems!)
Attention: After having installed the Sentinel driver the computer has to
be rebooted once to make the driver work. The installation has to be
performed with administrator rights. On Windows 10, 8, 7 or Vista: Right
mouseclick and 'Execute as administrator'. The USB-dongle must not be
sticked to the computer during the driver-installtion!

Sentinel dongel driver 7.6.8

Sentinel dongel driver 7.6.9

WinDelta®PMS-presentation as PowerPoint-Show for download